Karvin Van Lines owns and operates secure and climate controlled storage facilities located in both New York and Florida. We can provide temporary storage and other customized service for your belongings to make your move a hassle free experience.

Safe Storage

Over the course of our lives, we accumulate a lot of stuff. Some of these things stay with us, some are thrown away and some disappear, but at some point we find that we need to move this stuff. Such things could include furniture, hobby related items, movies, pictures, fine art and virtually anything else that we pick up along the way. While we might have plenty of room for them initially, there may come a point when we have run out space. For this reason, Karvin Van Lines offers storage options for you. Karvin Van Lines ensures that your items not only make it to the storage facility safely, but more importantly, that they stay safe once they arrive.

Storage Guarantee

Karvin Van Lines provides you with a storage guarantee. When your items are first taken onto the truck, we provide you with an inventory form. On this form, you will list all of your items as well as the condition they were in when they were received by us. This includes items that were packaged by you. This allows you the ability to determine whether or not the items in question are in the exact same condition once they leave the container.

On the form, please also declare items that are considered of extreme value. This would include jewelry, family heirlooms or anything with a price tag that exceeds one thousand dollars. Irreplaceable items should also be placed into this category.

Types of Storage

There are many different types of storage that you might consider including:

  • Containerized storage
  • Mobile storage
  • Storage in transit
  • Fine art storage
  • Refrigerated storage

There is a significant difference between storing for transit and storing for the long term. You will want to discuss these options with us and make sure that we have a suitable option or you.

Whether it’s just for a few days or for the long term, Karvin Van Lines practices the best methods of item preservation, and we will ensure you that your items are there when you need them again. Your items are safe and secure with us!